Motherhood Fully Defined

12 May

Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.”
― Donna BallAt Home on Ladybug Farm

How is that for a definition of motherhood? A mother is probably the most selfless person on this earth. A mother’s instinct is to put her children before herself.

I have my own description of what a mother is:

Mothers carry us in their wombs for nine months and love us unconditionally even before they know what type of hell we might possibly bring upon their lives. They hold us for the first time and think about how beautiful we are. They promise to protect us and nurture us. They stay up late to nurse us back to health when we are sick and cry with us when our hearts are broken. They celebrate our biggest accomplishments and make us feel better when we feel we have failed.

No matter what we do, we know that we can always come home to someone who has loved us since day one.

Isn’t that something? No matter what we do, our mothers will always welcome us home with open arms. She will always be there for us.

During my program last night to celebrate Mother’s Day, I spotlighted two amazing mothers: Aida Dujarric of Cabecitas Lindas hair clips and Virviane Myers. Both are hard working and have accomplished so much while being a mom.

My mother was a guest on the show last night and it was fun. We talked about some of the best memories she had with my sister and me. We talked about her reaction to finding out she was pregnant for the first time. I got to hear what it means to be a mother from my very own mom.

Some of my best memories with my mom involve shopping, experiencing all New York City has to offer since I’ve lived here all my life and Walt Disney World. My mom and I have so much in common from loving old movies to Disney. She taught me some of the most important lessons like respecting yourself. How can you expect others to respect you, if you don’t show them you have respect for yourself?

The one thing that I would’ve loved to have gotten from her was her cooking skills. Maybe I am just lazy. She can take a whole day to make a meal. I don’t have the patience for that. It is way too much for me. We love watching Christmas movies together. We have a tradition where every day during the month of December, we watch a different Christmas movie. Let me tell you, she has the biggest collection of Christmas movies I have ever seen.

This woman has cried so many tears with me and for me. Despite living in Pennsylvania with my dad and sister, she would cook for me and send food my way. It was awesome! To me, she is the ultimate mother. She has faith, love, cooking skills, appreciates the classics and has so much love that she insists on sharing it with other kids. This is why she is a teacher.

Despite living in PA, my mother and I make it a point to chat on Skype. We have even watched movies together through Skype. Thank God for technology. It has helped my mom and I get closer. Or maybe I just got older and have come to appreciate my mom more. Whatever the case is, I’m so happy my mother is in my life. A day does not go by where I don’t think about her. This despite her Skype-stalking me. Haha!

To all of the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your children spoil you rotten.

To listen to the entire show from last night, including my interviews with Aida and Virvian and my chat with mom, click here.

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