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The Pursuit of One Girl’s Dream

A dream. That’s how it starts. There is something to be said for dreaming about something. After all, things can Seize the Dayonly happen when it is dreamed about. Nothing was ever achieved by sitting on your butt in hopes that it would be handed to you. It has to be dreamed about it. It has to be desired. It has to be loved and nurtured.

That’s what this is about. The pursuit of my dream.

I’ll be honest. There are times when I am afraid of achieving my dream. I know it sounds silly. The thought of success can be frightening. I’m not sure why. I never truly understood that. Probably because I feel that the more successful you become, the bigger your failure can be. So despite knowing that I can succeed in what it is I want to do, I do nothing. Or I just do enough to keep me where I am comfortable rather than where I can be successful.

Is this making any type of sense to you? Hoe about we keep it as I am very complicated. Some who know me will describe as sometimes being so simple that I am complicated.

So what is my dream? To be a great sportswriter. To a Lisa Olsen-type of writer. She was a sportswriter I admired when i was in school. I read almost all of her articles in the New York Daily News. When one of my articles on my Mets website was linked into one of her articles on Aol’s Sporting News page, I was ecstatic.

What happened between now and then? I got scared. I started to fear success. Well no longer. Nothing was ever achieved by not doing anything. I have to keep going. I have to keep pushing. I have to remain confident. I have gotten to the point where I even started to doubt my abilities. That should never happen. Once you get to the point where you doubt yourself, your dreams start to get out of your reach.

Here is where I make the decision to keep on. Want to join me? Let’s seize the day.

For more on pursuing your dreams, take a listen to tonight’s Raise Your Glass program on Blog Talk Radio.

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Confidence Can Hit Rock Bottom

I have often spoken about being confident. I stress being confident in every aspect of their life: looks, job,
abilities. Unfortunately for me, I find myself often lacking the security in myself.

Graduating from Brooklyn College should have been enough to show me that I can do more than I thought I could. I juggled work, three websites, two podcasts and school. I would work an average of 30 hours, study for 10 hours, work on podcasts for two hours and blog for a total of 10 hours a week.

It was a lot of stress. But I made it. I got through it.

Stage two of my life is set to begin in two to three weeks. I’m scared. More like terrified about what is about to happen. All of the thoughts you don’t want to run through your mind, do.

Will I find a job?

If I do get a job, will I be any good at it?

The job market is so bad. What have I done to deserve a job?

Cue in the extra pressure.

If I can’t find a job, how am I going to afford rent?

What about food?

Was school a waste, if I cannot find a job?

It feels like life is just one big ball of stress. All confidence has gone out the window. I forget all of the things that I have accomplished. Did I do anything worthwhile?

How do people who live with doubt in their lives? It feels almost impossible to do it.

I say all of those because some people have told me that I inspire them. Well, here is where you get to know that I have all sorts of emotions that run through me. I doubt myself profusely. I get up every day and hope that I can accomplish something.

With every blog, Facebook post and podcast, if I can encourage one person, then that is all that matters. That will have made my life worth living. I would be able to rest in peace.

The bottom line is that we have to believe in ourselves. If we don’t, why should anyone else believe in us?

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