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Eddie Cantor Says…


“Slow down and enjoy life.

It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”

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Busy Bees Miss Their Entire Life

I was messaging my friend, Todd, on Facebook this morning. It wasn’t that long ago. About five minutes ago (9:18am EST). When I asked how he was doing, he said he was “keeping busy”.


Why is that we always find ourselves in a position where we are always keeping busy? As a society, I’ve noticed that most of us are constantly moving. Seldom do we sit still and just breathe. Even sports fans. Go to a baseball game and you will see people hardly stay in their seats for more than 5 innings. They get restless.

Why are we always on the move? It is like we are running away from something. We don’t want to face something in our lives, so we keep moving to avoid hoping it won’t catch up to us. Maybe you should stop and think that perhaps with you constantly moving, you are missing out on some potentially wonderful things that could happen in your life.

It really is as simple as stopping to smell the flowers. Instead of eating at your desk, go to a park for lunch. Instead of hitting the busy stores, window shop with friends. Take a vacation with friends or by yourself. Create some ‘me’ time. You need it. Lord knows I need it as well.

I try to take advantage of every minute I have to myself. While sleep is a wonderful thing, I am not talking about sleeping the time away because you will still be missing out on life. The point is to go out and enjoy it. Forget about your worries for a day. You can deal with it tomorrow.

Bottom line: SLOW DOWN! Enjoy what life has to offer. Busy bees will always miss their entire life. All they do is work. We weren’t designed to always work. Take a day to enjoy yourself.

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Priorities: Not the easiest to keep in order

People are always talking about having priorities. One of the things we hear constantly throughout our lives is: 

Get your priorities straight.

We hear it growing up. We hear it as adults. We hear it while in relationships. How many actually listen though? Who takes the advice to heart?

There are quite a few people who need to learn this. It took me a little bit of time to follow this advice.

So what are the priorities of life? I think of it this way. Ask yourself what is most important in your life. Those things are your priority.

In my case, my priorities are as follows:

  • God (faith)
  • Family
  • Love
  • Me

The “me” category is vast. It covers things like a home, food, job, bills, etc. You get the point. Things like cable, games, video game consoles, etc., are considered luxuries. They aren’t priorities. They aren’t necessary for life. Things like having a home to live, food to eat and a job to pay for it all are.

People are part of our priorities. Looking out for those we love. Keeping our word is important and means a lot in this world. If you can’t keep your word, then why should anyone listen to you or trust you? That’s another topic for another day.

Back to priorities. Determine what those priorities are. Stick with them. Those are the most important things that are necessary for life. Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep these things in order.

There are so many other things that we want to do. Maybe go shopping or a vacation or a game. Unfortunately, we have to keep reminding ourselves what matters most.

<—-Remember this! It is relevant to every part of our lives from work to home life. Stop making excuses. You claim things are important. You claim things are a priority. Then find a way to take care of these things.

Sanity should also be a priority. Haha!

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Celebrate Good Times

It was a week to remember. The countdown began towards my graduation from Brooklyn College with a degree in Broadcasting Journalism. I thought the day would never come. It came and went by too fast. I wish the day was longer. I worked hard enough for it.

There are so many ways to describe that day. So many ways I can described what it meant to me. I even told my dad I wasn’t sure I was going to ever get to this point. I did!

I got to celebrate with friends and family. Those who I love the most were there to celebrate a giant milestone in my life. Some of them were celebrating the same milestone. Others were there just to party with me.

As I sat there in my cap and gown, I thought about everything. There was a lot that happened to me between going back to school and graduation. I battled inner demons like depression. I could say I failed at things, but I didn’t because I learned from them. I moved on past other things. I didn’t let anything stop me.

For me, the motto for the class of 2012 is: Strength, Determination, Faith and Love! RISE UP!

I heard a great speech from Senator Chuck Schumer. Even if we make mistakes, we can always get back on the horse and keep on going. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing.

We all battled. We all made it. We thrived on the strength of each other. Meeting some of people I graduated with was a huge turning point in my life because they made all the difference in the world. I met a mother who was pregnant while in school and didn’t let that stop her from finishing a documentary we had to do for class. I met a girl who is probably the most positive person ever. She never appeared stressed out.

There were others.

I had a Professor who fought hard along side me and never let me fall. When I wanted to give up, she pushed me harder. She believed in me. She helped me come up with the idea for my first documentary “Empowering A Community”:

I accomplished so much. I worked so hard for it. While I was in school, I worked, blogged for several websites, recently started to host two podcasts while appearing as a guest on several others. I have come a long way from the insecure woman I was.

On Thursday, May 31, 2012, I rose up and showed the world what you can accomplish even when the odds are against you. To the class of 2012, we made it. We struggled, we stressed, we cried, but we did it!


To all of my readers, listeners, friends and FB family, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your continued support in everything I did. It makes all the difference in the world.


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